Lions Announce Signing of Thomas Tamale as New Head Coach

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Lancaster, PA - AFC Lancaster Lions is proud to announce the signing of our new head coach, Thomas Tamale.  Thomas joins us after a lengthy playing career spanning 17 years and will be continuing his coaching career with the Lions.  

Thomas has played in the National Super League in Uganda, served as a Sports Outreach Institute missionary for 10 years in Uganda, and, for the past four years, played with the Myrtle Beach Mutiny FC (USA). He previously coached for Coast FA. Thomas is a Co-Founder and Coach of Kickoff Soccer Academy (KOSA) and Kickoff Elite Academy, which technically develops players for high level competition and spiritually equips players for life on and off the field.

He is married with two children. He has traveled to many different countries in the world Costa Rica, England, Kenya and Rwanda using sports and his influence from the game to reach out and transform communities. He joins the Lancaster Lions with a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism.

"Thomas' drive for youth development aligns with the the philosophy of the club to create a perfect synergy. His content knowledge and pedagogy is what makes him a perfect coach for our club and our mission at this time." - Brian Ombiji We were able to catch up with Coach Thomas during his transition to his new position and ask him a few questions. Q: What brought you to Lancaster Lions?    

A: The opportunity to train, add value and educate soccer players and coaches the game we all love; by developing long term careers and values through the game.

Q: What are your goals for the season?

A: To put together a good strong team that can compete at the expected level. Will try to cause a fusion between the Lions and the city/ local community.

Q: What are your goals for the club? A: To provide an environment which fosters a passion for soccer; by building a sense of teamwork, confidence, fitness and individual skills both on and off the field of play. - A culture/ club identity - Youth structure/ system- Women soccer programs/ teams - Lancaster becoming a fortress

Q: What is one thing that you bring to the club from your years of playing that will help players the most?

A: Professionalism and Experience

Q: Do you have any coaching philosophies that you would like to share? A: Every coach has a different philosophy and will condense mine in order of preference:    TRAINING/PRACTICE.  DISCIPLINE. TALENT. Most people would choose Talent first but it’s different with me. Good appropriate Training and disciple beats Talent.

Q: What was your most memorable moment as a player?

A: Soccer is a God given gift if used well that takes you places and meet big names in the world. I have traveled to different countries of the world and met a lot of important people and government officials, But will always remember shaking hands with the King of Buganda twice in one year on the field of play in different matches.

Thomas will be joining up with the squad during preseason as we look forward to the start of our 2019 UPSL Campaign!

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