A Brief History of AFC Lancaster Lions

AFC Lancaster Lions is an American professional soccer team based in Lancaster a city in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Brian Ombiji, a veteran of the USL's Harrisburg City Islanders and youth soccer programs in South Central Pennsylvania, is the founder and C.E.O of the AFC Lancaster Lions. Additional investors include Daniel Savage, Angelo Disomma, Dean Kline, and Jenn Hood.  The ultimate goal of the club was to engage the school students in the city in an organized activity that fosters life skills conducive to educational success through high school and beyond. Soccer was the mechanism and the first team players were the role models. The club was established in 2015

The colors of the AFC Lancaster Lions are red, blue, yellow, and white. The crest features the motto, Unos pro omnibus, ones pro uno (sic.), a Latin phrase meaning, "One for all, all for one." The heraldic imagery of a lion, a red rose, and the contour of the shield likely recall traditional English insignia. For example, the Royal Arms of England features a red shield charged with three golden lions on display, with blue as an accent color. The Pennsylvania city of Lancaster was named for Lancaster, Lancashire, England, whose official symbol was the Red Rose of Lancaster. The soccer balls arranged at the top of the crest are also English in style, with outlines similar to those found on the shield for Manchester United F.C., a renowned Premier League club. The logo also includes two crossed hickory logs, a more local reference since Lancaster city was first named "Hickory Town." The design also shares many elements in common with the civic flag of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, itself featuring two red roses and English royalty colors. Finally, the founding year of the city, 1730, and the inaugural season, 2015, of the AFC Lions finish the logo.

In the summer of 2015 the lions played with their yellow Adidas jerseys vs Evergreen Diplomats and vs Philadelphia Fury for exhibition matches in the fall of 2015. In 2016 the lions wearing their red admiral gear reached the semifinals of the American soccer league and lost 2-1 to eventual champions Philadelphia fury who beat Long island fc in the finals for the spring championship for the fall season the lions finished 4th in the season.  In 2017 AFC Lancaster Lions in their dryworld gear red and black at home and royal blue away finished 3rd in the American soccer League.

In 2018 American soccer league folded and the Lions took a year off to find the right league for the First team. 2019 the Lions Sign a 4-year deal with Legea an Italian sports apparel company that and are ready for the new league.