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Newsletter Note:   Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 12:23

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The American Soccer League ("ASL" or the "League") has announced that is switching to the "American" Spring-To-Fall schedule from its current "International Calendar" format of Fall-To-Spring. Matt Driver, the CEO of the League, stated, "We believe our first year was a resounding success. Switching to a Spring-To-Fall season allows us to do more with players during the Summer break such as league-wide All-Star Games and promotional tours. It also allows a break for players right before each of the two international transfer periods. This will facilitate tryouts and short and long-term loans that lead to permanent transfers."

The primary focus of ASL has been the development of young talent that does not make it major leagues after playing high school or college. "A realignment of our scheduling and seasons will allow the ASL to become the premium league for young American professional players by aligning ourselves with the top domestic leagues." said Driver.

ASL has been filling a void in the American Soccer pyramid that looks to take the raw talent that is either undiscovered, or not being utilized currently, develop it, and offer a national platform to launch players into major league professional soccer opportunities worldwide.

The league projects that it will begin the Spring 2016 Season with possibly 14 to 16 teams. "Our low cost model is very sustainable and has attracted substantial interest from dozens of parties. Another reason to re-align our schedule is to give our front office more time to deal with expansion. Right now, we have virtually no off-season. By having the November-March timeframe to firm up expansion, we will do a better job of vetting expansion candidates while also supporting our existing teams." commented Driver.

The league will play a limited 2015 fall schedule that consists of exhibition games and a limited tournament format. "We have explained to our players our rationale for this decision. As competitors they are disappointed, as professionals they understand there are good reasons for this."

Jim Antanakis, owner of Mass United FC, indicated the support of the owners for this decision, "Of course it is a disappointment for fans and other stakeholders. However, we support Matt and the League's decision as being in the best long-term interests of the League. We believe the spring season will shock people with our expansion. We can't wait for Spring to arrive!"



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