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AFC Lancaster Lions


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Who We Are

All Football Club Lancaster Lions is a professional soccer team in the American Soccer League (ASL). The club is based in Lancaster, PA. AFC Lancaster Lions is a team for the city and county of Lancaster, with deep involvement in the community. AFC Lancaster Lions will bring soccer excellence to the youth of the county, encouraging and expanding their knowledge of the game.

AFC Lancaster Lions Foundation (AFCLLF) is the primary driver for the professional team in Lancaster. The purpose of the foundation is to provide inner city youth with soccer opportunities that they otherwise would not be afforded. We will do this by leveraging the staff and players of the professional team.

AFC Lancaster Lions professional team is club-neutral and dedicated to training and educating the next generation of soccer players. 

Our Mission

The mission of AFC Lancaster Lions is to develop players technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically to prepare them to play at the next level and expose them to opportunities to play for higher division teams.



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